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Guided Tours and Workshops for children

Gugging Artists Programme: gugging abc

Guided Tour
The House of Artists and its colourfully painted façade are the focus of this guided tour. Is there a motif on the house for each and every letter of the alphabet? Did just one artist paint the house, or are there differences between the different motifs? Can you also find similar images in the museum? Does the street in front of the house also need some colour? The children will find answers to all these questions and more on the group tour through the museum and to the House of Artists, which is enhanced with other playful and creative elements.

Inspired by the colourful façade of the House of Artists, we will design our own façade just how we imagine it in the art laboratory.


Guided Tour
Pippi Longstocking is at museum gugging for a visit. She absolutely wants to see the museum because one of the Gugging Artists immortalised her in an artwork. She has discovered a lot of new things here and wants to show them to the children.

In the following workshop the children can try out their skills in the creative workshop and make a masterpiece map out of different materials.


birdman programme: Wall Birds in Shoeboxes

Guided Tour
Who is birdman? What makes birdman’s style special? What elements does he use in his art? Circles, triangles, and squares are the main design elements in Birdman’s work. Inspired by the style of the artist, we will make pictures that use shoeboxes instead of frames.

Guided Tours and Workshops through our Special exhibitions 



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