marianne maderna im dialog mit den künstlerInnen aus gugging

HUHUMAN is the name Maderna gives to the flat hanging figures made of fluorescent Plexiglas, which in the exhibition “connected” meet masterpieces by the Gugging artists. The figures show recurring archetypal behavior patterns and form a world theater. The apotropaic, the warding off of disaster as an ancient function of art is the purpose of these works. The unsparingly and exaggeratedly reproduced observations of the Gugginger are, like the HUHUMAN, a mirror as well as an admonition. With an essay by art historian Eva Badura-Triska and an interview with the artistic director of museum gugging, Johann Feilacher.

connected marianne maderna im dialog mit den künstlerInnen aus gugging, ed. Johann Feilacher; Hardcover, German / English, 40 pages, Format: 210x297, Residenz Verlag, 2020, € 19,90, ISBN: 9783701735259

visualized dreams...

visualized dreams...

Three Art Brut artists who immortalized their dreams in their artworks are the focus of this publication: the Swiss artist Ida Buchmann (1911-2001) and two Artists from Gugging, Johann Fischer (1919-2008) and Johann Korec (1937-2008).

Ida Buchmann's works are characterized by the song lyrics, which she sang aloud while painting. Johann Korec, on the other hand, was inspired by dreams of love and documented these in his paintings. The world how it should be, or how he wished it to be, is reflected in Johann Fischer's text-laden drawings. All three developed an individual written language, which became an integral part of their work. They also share their prominent position within Art Brut, their works being represented in renowned public and private collections and international exhibitions. The richly  illustrated catalogue includes essays by Nina Ansperger, Johann Feilacher, Nina Katschnig and Anke Wiedmann.


visualized dreams... buchmann / fischer / korec, ed. Johann Feilacher; Hardcover, German/English, with numerous illustrations, 192 pages, format: 253 x 300 mm, Residenz Verlag, publication date: 21.09.2021,€ 29,00, ISBN: 9783701735525


oswald tschirtner.! it's all about balance.

Oswald Tschirtner, one of the best known and most successful artists from Gugging, would celebrate his 100th birthday in 2020. In his oeuvre, created from 1971 to 2006, abstracted representations of humans - the unmistakable "cephalopods" - form the core of his art. A reduced formal language with black lines and some color accents characterizes the fragility and poetry of his graphic work. On the occasion of his 100th birthday, the first comprehensive monographic book on the artist illuminates the most important positions and creative periods of the artist Oswald Tschirtner.

oswald tschirtner.! das ganze beruht auf gleichgewicht/ it's all about balance, ed. Nina Ansperger, Johann Feilacher, Maria Höger, Nina Katschnig, Lisa Windischbauer, gebunden, 450 p. German and English, 277 x 280 mm, Residenz Verlag: Wien - Salzburg, 2020, € 39,90. ISBN: 9783701735136

brain feeling.!

art from gugging from 1970 to the present


Editors: Nina Ansperger and Johann Feilacher, hardcover, 386 pages with numerous illustrations in colour and black/white, German - Englisch, 307 x 361 mm, publisher: Residenz, Vienna - Salzburg, 2018, € 35,00. ISBN: 978-3-7017-3450-4 


philipp schöpke


Editors: Johann Feilacher and Maria Höger, hardcover, 176 pages with 190 images in colour and black/white, German - English, 304 x 257 mm, publisher: Residenz, Vienna - Salzburg, 2018, € 24,90. ISBN: 978-3-7017-3481-8

johann hauser...the artist am I book+schuber

johann hauser ... the artist am I!


Editor: Johann Feilacher, special-edition (250 examples), silver cut, numbered and signed, hardcover, 516 pages with 584 illustrations, German - English, 270 x 315 mm, publischer: Residenz: Vienna - Salzburg, 2016, € 39,90. ISBN: 978-3-7017-3396-5 




johann garber.!

tinkerer and master artist and karl vondal.! erotics


Editors: Nina Ansperger, Johann Feilacher and Maria Höger: hardcover, 174 pages with numerous illustrations, German - English, 307 x 260 mm, publisher: Residenz: Vienna - Salzburg, 2017, € 22,00. ISBN: 978-3-7010-3438-2


artist guestbook


Editor: Johann Feilacher, cloth binding, 152 pages with numerous illustrations, German - English, 325 x 410 mm, publisher: Residenz: Vienna - Salzburg, 2015, € 34,90. ISBN: 978-3-7017-3361-3


master works

gugging masterpieces.!

100 masterpieces in one book


Editor: Johann Feilacher, 400 pages, German - English, 240 x 300 mm, publisher: Residenz, Wien - Salzburg, 2014, € 19,90. ISBN: 978-3-3017-3334-7 


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