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Guided Tours and Workshops for children and adolescents

gugging artists programme: Class Research

Guided Tour
Together with our art teachers the class explores the museum and its surroundings. The participants learn about the history and lives of the Gugging Artists. Then the students are divided into groups and each one has a look at the works of a specific artist. The aim is to give the students an approach to art on the basis of their own experiences. The highlight of the tour is an excursion to the House of Artists.   

Enthused by the work of the Gugging Artists, we will make our own creative projects, based on the figures of Arnold Schmidt, animals like those by Franz Kamlander, or leaves with the patterns of Heinrich Reisenbauer.

Guided Tour
One masterpiece after the other makes a puzzle for the art detectives. They look for clues in the exhibition that could help solve the riddle. They need a number of skills to do so: curiosity, a keen eye, and also fantasy. Split up into groups and equipped with a handout, the students collect information, conduct interviews, and take notes.

In the creative workshop the art detectives have the opportunity to experiment with different materials and make a self-portrait of themselves or a picture of the thieves they caught.


birdman programme: bird Objects

Inspired by birdman’s studio, we will use left-over and waste materials to experiment with our own personal bird creations from Gugging. 

Guided Tours and Workshops for our Special exhibitions 


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