Turn left after Pizzeria Mera into Neudauerstraße, then after a few minutes turn right onto the Kritzendorf Riedenwanderweg, a vineyard hiking path which leads up through rough, dry, and often mellow vineyard landscapes. Info boards inform you about the secrets of producing Veltliner and other wines. After approximately an hour, following a steep mountain climb and then a descent, you arrive at Hadersfeld. Feldgasse leads to the junction with Alois-Aigner-Gasse. Whoever wants to visit a small historical gem can descend to the famous Greifenstein castle on the western slope of the Eichenleiten hill. A short access road leads down to the village of Greifenstein where the Danube enters the Wiener Pforte, a natural “gate” to the Vienna Basin. From there you enter the Danube cycle path, which joins the regular Hundsberg route in Höflein. But you can also just continue along the Danube river which leads directly to Kritzendorf train station.

Duration: 40 min

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