Start this tour in Gugging and discover the intrigues of Art Brut in museum gugging. Then set forth on your bikes along the Kierlinger Straße to Klosterneuburg (6.2 km). Follow the bike route signs to the Donaustraße and downriver to the Nordbrücke bridge in Vienna. Cross over the Danube Island to the other bank of the Danube and enjoy the beautiful Vienna promenade. Continue straight ahead for a while, pass the prominent red and white smoke stack, and you will come to the OMV gas tank farm in the Lobau. Turn left onto the street Lobgrundstraße and follow a long bend to the right. Then you go straight for a short while through the facility, still on the Lobgrundstraße, until turning left at the second right bend. You leave the nearby Danube River bank and pass through the untouched Danube wetlands until you see a bridge to your left, which you cross.


Shortly before Schönau the road branches off to the east. After about 7 km you arrive at a small industrial park. From there, continue south. Alternatively, you can turn left and visit picturesque Orth Castle. It is open nearly year round and offers guided walks through the Danube wetlands. You take the ferry over the Danube, then leave the river bank and pass through the village Haslau.

After a short time you come to the B9 motorway. There is a bike path along its south side, which you follow for about 4 km. This leads you south to Scharndorf and from there further to the east. You pass through the remains of the Heidentor (a Roman gate) and finally reach Petronell-Carnuntum. Carnuntum refers to the ancient Roman fortifications in the immediate vicinity. The ruins can be visited at the open-air museum.

Duration: 4 hrs

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