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the café bistro am campus will only be open on Sundays, 11 am to 4 pm.

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delivery service

Take Away in the courtyard of the museum

In accordance with the current safety measures, the café-bistro on campus is temporarily closed, but offers a delivery service and on-site pick-up service on most weekends from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

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Restaurateur Barbara Fischer and her team have put together a menu for food lovers. She puts the finest food – fresh from the region – on the table. The cuisine of the Café-Bistro is modern and down-to-earth, with a pinch of French joie de vivre. There is a tempting offer for every time of day: a delightful breakfast on weekends (organic porridge with fresh fruit and a smoothie with wild herbs or traditionally Austrian with roll, ham and egg …), a delicious lunch (arugula risotto or perhaps a crisp schnitzel, after all?). Tempting side dishes like sweet or savory galettes are also on the menu.

Vibrant art and outstanding cuisine as well as Gugging’s unique atmosphere will give a sparkle to your visit. Gugging will become an experience for all the senses!

Barbara Fischer on her café:
We’ve made it our goal to liven up local cuisine with high-quality regional products. Traditional Austrian cuisine is popular, but – to a certain extent – scarcely to be found in new and modern cooking. Based on this impulse, we want to bring the good old recipes from granny’s kitchen back to life with a modern touch and offer both varieties in our café: modern and light as well as traditional dishes. New and old come together and get along delightfully.

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