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The new permanent exhibition at the museum gugging encompasses five decades of art from Gugging: from Josef Bachler’s (1914–1979) iconic drawings to the current work of younger artists, such as Jürgen Tauscher’s (b. 1974) new, boldly colorful compositions.

gugging.! classic & contemporary makes the most of the entire range of creative productivity: Rudolf Horacek (1915–1986) and Oswald Tschirtner (1920–2007) complement the classic Gugging master, August Walla (1936–2001), who offers his “Schlammteich.!” (Tailings Pond), among other works. The large cows of Franz Kamlander (1920–1999) are juxtaposed with the plasmodia of Franz Kernbeis (1935–2019), while Johann Hauser (1926–1996) presents his striking likenesses of women and Karoline Rosskopf (1911–unknown) her androgynous images of people. An entire room is devoted to Arnold Schmidt (b. 1959): the first-ever presentation of his most recent works on paper is complemented by a monumental, six-meter-long painting on canvas. Leopold Strobl’s (b. 1960) overdrawings likewise mark a premiere for the museum gugging: This artist is also counted among the great discoveries internationally, and his works are already being collected by the Museum of Modern Art.

gugging.! classic & contemporary offers a captivating coupling of classic and contemporary art from Gugging and once again demonstrates its clear status as a benchmark within Art Brut.

Josef Bachler, Laila Bachtiar, Anton Dobay, Leonhard Fink, Johann Fischer, Johann Garber, Johann Hauser, Ernst Herbeck, Helmut Hladisch, Rudolf Horacek, Franz Kamlander, Franz Kernbeis, Fritz Koller, Johann Korec, Heinrich Reisenbauer, Karoline Rosskopf, Arnold Schmidt, Philipp Schöpke, Günther Schützenhöfer, Leopold Strobl, Jürgen Tauscher, Oswald Tschirtner, Karl Vondal, August Walla


5 May 2021, 7:00 pm


6 May 2021 - 21 January 2024

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