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101 masterpieces of the gugging artists

About the exhibition

The museum gugging presents chief works by the Gugging Artists. The Gugging “Mona Lisas” are scattered all over the world and many of them are more often exhibited abroad than at home. Among the 101 masterpieces are Johann Hauser’s famous three images of women, which will finally return to Austria after two decades in the UK. The Horacek Effigy, which the museum gugging has adopted as its logo, will also be on show. Visitors can enjoy the coming alive of important works by August Walla, Philipp Schöpke, Oswald Tschirtner and many other artists, while the gugging masterpieces.! allow them to amble through this exemplary world of Art Brut, of the unaffected art.

Johann Feilacher, gugging.! meisterwerke. 101 Meisterwerke in einem Band.
  Residenz Verlag, 2014. EUR 19,90.-

The catalogue will be issued by the Residenz Verlag publishing company. It’s a comprehensive monograph designed as a future reference on the artists of Gugging’s work.
Additionally there will be presented a collectors edition of the book combined with six Original etchings of six Gugging Artists in a cassette.


20 March 2014 - 04 March 2018

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