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museum gugging looks towards Japan and Switzerland. With the comprehensive constrastive show art brut: japan - switzerland.! we start into the fall season 2015 and show exciting new positions but also renowned artists from the Art Brut of both countries.

What differences, what similarities are there in the world of Art Brut? Gods, demons, mangas can be found in the Japanese works, but also familiar themes such as the meticulous development of (inner) maps or a universe of dolls emerge: Shinichi Sawada, who caused a sensation when he participated in the Venice Biennale in 2013, presents his spiked ceramics or Yuichi Saito, whose fine-line drawings are also widely recognized internationally, are among the stars of Japanese Art Brut. On display, however, are also lesser-known artists such as Masao Obata, who fascinates with the simplicity of his works drawn on corrugated cardboard, or Norimitsu Kokubo, who conquers a world with his "map" paintings that make us think of the Gugging artist Leonhard Fink.

On the Swiss side, the great Aloïse Corbaz will be represented with her colorful lovers, one of Hans Schärer's eerie Madonnas or drawings by Alfred Leuzinger. Johann Feilacher, curator at Gugging, is looking forward to presenting discoveries such as Jakob Greuter, Walter Arnold Steffen and Alois Wey.

Curated by Monika Jagfeld and Johann Feilacher (Gugging selection).

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