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For the first time the museum gugging is devoting an exhibition to Ernst Herbeck (1920 - 1991), a witty, eloquent and yet silent poet among the Gugging artists.

At the heart of the show is the distinctive poetic voice of Ernst Herbeck. Moderated by selected text quotes and accompanied by images, film and sound documents, and memorabilia, different chapters of the story of his life and authorship will be opened. For the first time a large number of drawings, which have a close relationship with Herbeck’s poetic work, are to be displayed. The architecture and design of the exhibition reflect Herbeck’s thematic world and his poetic method. In close cooperation, curator Gisela Steinlechner and exhibition designer Peter Karlhuber have brought to life an atmospheric presentation devoted to the poet from Gugging. The exhibition combines documentation and installation, and leaves visitors plenty of room to make their own associations. The curtain rises on Ernst Herbeck!

Curator: Gisela Steinlechner
Exhibition Designer: Peter Karlhuber

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