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10 years museum gugging

Hauser had already become a star among the Gugging artists very early on. With its pithy line, Hauser’s work was valued highly by other artists such as Jean Dubuffet or Arnulf Rainer. His images of beautiful and ugly women, rockets, tanks, snakes, and palaces are intense, powerful, and moving. Hardly any artist could be better suited to celebrate ten years of museum gugging in a worthy manner. 


Hauser, the creator of Gugging’s “Blue Star,” made hundreds of magnificently colorful images that are represented in public and private collections around the world and form an essential part of the international Art Brut scene. Hauser’s images of women are full of an insistent eroticism and achieve their striking impact through their powerful use of line. The artist exhibits his playful side in his depictions of other subjects: airplanes, warships, helicopters, palaces, or green snakes. They mesmerize viewers through

their chromatic and emotional intensity.

With over 200 works, the show “johann hauser ... i’m the artist!” provides a representative overview of this extraordinary artist’s lifework.

Curator: Johann Feilacher 

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