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The opening exhibition of the museum on an exhibition space of 1300 square meters was called "blug" and was taken from a work by Franz KERNBEIS. A neologism that consistently follows the titles of previous exhibitions and publications "Sonneastro", Carom.!" and "Guggging". Blug means plow and can be used symbolically for the fact that the field was tilled to make the new Museum Gugging possible. Since the 1970s, those artists who have become known as "artists from Gugging" have been among the essential representatives of Art Brut worldwide. The artists whose works were shown at this exhibition are among the most important Gugging artists of the last 3 decades. Besides the most famous ones - Johann HAUSER, August WALLA, Oswald TSCHIRTNER - the artists living in the House of Artists were Johann FISCHER, Johann GARBER, Franz KERNBEIS, Johann KOREC, Heinrich REISENBAUER, Arnold SCHMIDT, Günther SCHÜTZENHÖFER and Karl VONDAL, as well as Josef BACHLER, Josef BLAHAUT, Anton DOBAY, Franz GABLECK, Rudolf HORACEK, Franz KAMLANDER, Fritz Koller, Rudolf Limberger, Otto Prinz, Philipp SCHÖPKE and Erich ZITTRA.
The approximately 650 works on display, drawings, paintings, objects and etchings, came in part from the collection Privatstiftung - Künstler aus Gugging, but also from private lenders such as the collection Helmut ZAMBO and the NÖ Landessammlungen.

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