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The term Art Brut is a neologism of the French artist Jean Dubuffet. In search of an original creativity, untouched by the art world, Dubuffet found the spontaneous and unadulterated art he was looking for among outsiders of society and in psychiatric wards. The German meaning of the French term is roughly: raw, unadulterated art. Art Brut stands for an original art, which testifies to a highly personal and unadapted formal language. The creators are not trained as artists and do not care - unlike professional artists - about art movements, trends and art theories.

With "sybille.!" the Museum Gugging presents the most comprehensive exhibition of international Art Brut in Austria to date. "Sybille", a work by the Swiss Art Brut artist Louis SOUTTER symbolizes at the same time the entire Art Brut: untamed, unadorned and uninfluenced. So is the presentation of the classics of this genre in the Museum Gugging: from Adolf WÖLFLI to ALOÏSE Corbaz to Willem van GENK, from Martin RAMIREZ to Rosemarie KOCZŸ. The selection of over twenty of the most important art brut artists provides an impressive insight into very individual pictorial worlds.

What Jean Dubuffet defined and collected as "brut" can be seen in this new presentation. In addition to art by the Gugging
artists in the permanent presentation "gugging classics" works by their international colleagues. The majority of the loans come from private collections. Many works are presented to the public for the first time. After the exhibitions "blug" and "liebling.!", the museum dedicates "sybille" to its second exhibition focus, namely Art Brut in an international context.

innocy's house
For his exhibitions, Japanese artist Shintaro MIYAKE makes costumes that allow him to slip into ever new characters. In the meantime, his pool of roles has grown to more than 20. Among them is also "Innocy". The name is derived from the English "Innocence", and the fur of the innocent monster is also white.

"Innocy" lives in a small, brightly painted cottage that strongly resembles the artists' house. This is no coincidence. In Japan, Shintaro Miyake got to know the works of the Gugging artists and was immediately fascinated. He felt the art of the Gugging artists as a liberation that opened up a new language of forms for him. In 2004, Miyake came to Austria for an exhibition at Galerie Krinzinger. Miyake's alter ego "Innocy" visited the House of Artists in Gugging and took the opportunity to draw together with his idols.

The Museum Gugging exhibits from November 8, 2007 to May 5, 2008 "innocy's house", an installation created during "Innocy's" stay in Austria in 2004. "Innocy's" exhibited costume recalls the goings-on in Gugging and photographs document his many excursions.
"Innocy" was present at the Museum Gugging on the evening of the opening on November 8, 2007.

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