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About the exhibition

Johann Garber is an artist who has been one of Gugging's artists for four decades and has made a name for himself as a draftsman, but also as a "painter" of readymades. Not only the oversized ear he designed for the ORF radio station in Vienna has become a tourist attraction. He has also painted large parts of the House of Artists in Gugging with bright colors. A facade that is probably one of the most famous in the world of Art Brut. Garber also loves to make countless objects himself - to "tinker," as he calls it - and install them in the wild or in his salon at museum gugging.

The exhibition venues of his works include museums and galleries in Europe, the USA and Japan; all Austrian public collections as well as important private collections own works by the artist.

Catalog of the exhibition:
With contributions on the work of the Gugging artists Johann Garber and Karl Vondal.
Ed. Nina Ansperger, Johann Feilacher, Maria Höger: Johann Garber - Karl Vondal, Verlag Brandstätter, 2017. Hardcover, with numerous color illustrations, € 19,90.

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