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michel nedjar - animo.!
Michel NEDJAR is indisputably one of the most important living artists of French Art Brut. Dolls, which fascinated him on trips to Mexico and Guatemala and represented his first encounter with high magic, craftsmanship, baroque and death, inspired him in 1976 to create the first fetish figures made of waste material. At the same time he also begins to draw again eagerly. Rapid works, without touch-ups, without repentance strokes. Nedjar's material interventions and formal variations are endless and polyvalent, but his icons are constant, consisting of a series of figures repeated in an endless way: Faces and masks, human bodies, mummies, stick figures and silhouettes, certain animals and birds. The work pays tribute not only to the work of the artist and his importance for art brut, but also for contemporary art.
Curator of the exhibition "michel nedjar - animo.!" is Johann Feilacher.

Johann Feilacher, michel nedjar - animo.!
208 pages, German / English, with 290 color and 12 b/w illustrations, 2008 Springer-Verlag/Vienna

gugging classics
On 700 m2 the exhibition "gugging classics" shows masterpieces of Gugging art. The works come from the Private Foundation - Artists from Gugging or are on loan from other collections. "gugging classics" shows drawings by forgotten artists such as Johann SCHEIBÖCK or Rudolf LIMBERGER ("Max") together with well-known works by August WALLA, Oswald TSCHIRTNER or Johann HAUSER. This collection presentation spans from 1960 to the present day, offering a comprehensive overview of the history and present of artistic activity in Gugging with essential works. In order to keep this exhibition area of the museum alive, the exhibits are regularly exchanged and supplemented.

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