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Karl Vondal’s candid approach to the erotic stands in sharp contrast to his drawings' delicate lines. His preferred motif is of a couple making love, which the artist depicts unabashedly. These explicit representations are coupled with remarkable, often sensitive texts that the artist writes directly onto the drawing. His writings, at times entire short stories, cover the sheets of paper, which are glued together to form artworks that can be several meters long. Rolled up, folded, and torn - that is how Vondal carries his pieces from the House of Artists to the studio and back, no matter the weather. This artistic process is evident in the materiality of the works and should be understood as integral. For over a decade, Karl Vondal has lived in the House of Artists in Gugging. His works are exhibited internationally and are represented in countless collections

With essays on the oeuvres of Gugging Artists Johann Garber and Karl Vondal. Ed. Nina Ansperger, Johann Feilacher, Maria Höger: Johann Garber - Karl Vondal, Verlag Brandstätter, 2017. Hardcover, richly illustrated, € 19,90.

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