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The French painter, passionate write of letters and radical autodidact Gaston CHAISSAC (1910-1964) made use of everyday objects, painted on all kinds of surfaces (canvass, card board, stone, wood, corrugated iron) or turned wooden boards into impressive “totems”. His artistic search was for a kind of perfect simplicity. During his entire lifetime Chaissac never managed to make a living from his art. He was recognized as an important artist only after his death and is now presented with around 125 works, drawings, collages, paintings, sculptures and his “totems” at the Museum Gugging.

"gaston chaissac.! drawings” at the Novomatic Salon

“My drawings represent my intimate thoughts, my dreams, my aspirations, my disappointments.” Gaston CHAISSAC wrote to a patron in 1939. From the outset, his expressiveness was more complex and internalised in his drawings than in his other works. On his sheets, kept mostly in black ink, he uses the simplest means and shapes of drawing: Grids of lines, fields hachured in black and a stroke varying in intensity lend tension and power to his drawings. The works on show hail from a French private collection. Some of them have never been presented to the public before.

gaston chaissac. Hrsg. Johann Feilacher, mit einem Beitrag von Peter Baum.
Ca. 200 S.. Residenz-Verlag 2011.

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