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August Walla (1936 - 2001) became an artist unintentionally. One of the most versatile artists of the 20th century in Art Brut: a genre of art that blooms uninfluenced by the official art world and aloof from the art market, in secret. Walla’s entire life was one long process of creating completely autonomous, self-contained artistic works. He produced graffitin on roads, walls and trees, affixed his works all over his hometown Klosterneuburg and the neighbouring floodplains of the Danube. He took pictures of them or had his mother photograph him in different poses with his artworks. Walla produced thousands of drawings and paintings and shaped his artworks from everyday objects, out of tin, wood or plastic.

In 2012, the Museum Gugging presents the most comprehensive exhibition of the Gugging Artist August Walla yet. On an exhibition area of 1400 m2 (15,000 sq ft) around 400 works from all his creative periods will be on show, displaying his many different styles. The Walla-Room inside the Gugging House of Artists will be open to the visitors on guided tours; the room painted a second time on canvas will be installed in the museum’s exhibition room as work in its own right.
Curator: Johann Feilacher

Johann Feilacher (editor)
"walla.! weltallende"
Residenz Verlag, 2012.
The catalogue is a comprehensive monograph designed as a future reference on August Walla’s work. The catalogue accompanying the exhibition will pay tribute to August Walla’s versatility. It will contain reproductions of works and contributions by reputable authors on the various subject fields. Additionally, it will contain reprints of letters, writs and drawing blocks. Emulating Walla’s objects, the separate volumes are combined in a cassette and thus made into an art-book-object.

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