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*1961, June 26


Helmut Hladisch uses short, close-set strokes to fill in the contours laid out beforehand in his works, which vary greatly in terms of their subject matter.

In any case, his most striking images are depictions of trees, which thoroughly resemble one another in their execution and have almost become his trademark subject, like the star of Johann Hauser. As in the case of Hauser, this motif can also be found on the exterior wall of the House of Artists, carried out in an acrylic secco technique.



Helmut Hladisch was born in Vienna on June 26, 1961, as one of eleven children. Because he was not capable of living on his own, he was cared for by his mother and siblings. From 2002 to 2012 he was cared for during the day at a Caritas institution in Vienna. After the death of his mother and the sister who was caring for him in 2012, he came to the House of Artists in Gugging on March 25, 2013, because his drawing talent had already been noted previously. Today he works at the atelier gugging.

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