visualized dreams...

Three Art Brut artists who immortalized their dreams in their artworks are the focus of this publication: the Swiss artist Ida Buchmann (1911-2001) and two Artists from Gugging, Johann Fischer (1919-2008) and Johann Korec (1937-2008).

Ida Buchmann's works are characterized by the song lyrics, which she sang aloud while painting. Johann Korec, on the other hand, was inspired by dreams of love and documented these in his paintings. The world how it should be, or how he wished it to be, is reflected in Johann Fischer's text-laden drawings. All three developed an individual written language, which became an integral part of their work. They also share their prominent position within Art Brut, their works being represented in renowned public and private collections and international exhibitions. The richly  illustrated catalogue includes essays by Nina Ansperger, Johann Feilacher, Nina Katschnig and Anke Wiedmann.


visualized dreams... buchmann / fischer / korec, ed. Johann Feilacher; Hardcover, German/English, with numerous illustrations, 192 pages, format: 253 x 300 mm, Residenz Verlag, publication date: 21.09.2021,€ 29,00, ISBN: 9783701735525

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