Exclusive insights into the Museum Gugging

Since 2006, museum gugging has presented the oeuvre of artists from Gugging, who have been among the most important representatives of Art Brut since the 1970s. Their works form the foundation of the museum and document the essential positions of artistic creation in Gugging.

In the Digital Museum, we provide our visitors with insights into the fascinating world of museum gugging. "We dive into the structures of Laila Bachtiar. We explain how a work by Rudolf Horacek became the museum's logo. We present the universe of August Walla. We bring you the star of Johann Hauser and you can tune in to Oswald Tschirtner, whose hundredth birthday would have been on May 24, 2020," says Johann Feilacher, artistic director of museum gugging, who takes us with him through the museum.

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