upcoming exhibition: abstract.!? between figuration and abstraction

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This exhibition at the museum gugging is the first to focus on the abstract aspect of the art from Gugging. The works reveal the multilayered complexity of the Artists from Gugging, because the images here, which are based on figurative representation, turn away from that reality which can be experienced visually. Color and line take on more significance, and the real object recedes into the background. The interplay between figurative and abstract elements produces highly expressive works, such as those by Rudolf Limberger, who covers up his human as well as geometrical-looking figures with bold lines and dense hatching. Laila Bachtiar’s drawings operate within a similar dichotomy, but her use of line is much more controlled and the pictorial space is completely filled in. In addition to Limberger and Bachtiar, the work of Josef Blahaut, Anton Dobay, Rudolf Horacek, Philipp Schöpke, Günther Schützenhöfer and Erich Zittra is also represented.

Curator: Nina Ansperger

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