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The small format marked the origin of Gugging Art. Originally used in test drawings, the miniature soon took on a life of its own: the ultimate gist. On just 10.5 by 14.8 centimetres (4.1 by 5.8 inches), nothing can be hidden or masked, the artist must consciously show everything. Stroke, colouring, every detail must be precise to create a piece of significance. Around three hundred works by more than twenty artists see the visitor through a realm of humorous small formats – a land of smiles, ruled by the Gugging Artists.

Feilacher, Johann (editor). small formats.: Residenzverlag, 432 pages, format 105x148 mm, hard cover, EUR 24.90.
The exquisite art book comprises around 300 works by Gugging Artists from the past five decades in original format, accompanied by Gugging Artists’ texts. It includes the artists August Walla, Oswald Tschirtner, Johann Hauser, Franz Kernbeis, Philipp Schöpke, Franz Kamlander, Johann Binner, Anton Dobay, Johann Garber, Johann Fischer, Günther Schützenhöfer, Ernst Herbeck, Karl Vondal, and many others.

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